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Rayfield will be inducted along with basketball coach Larry Brown and seven other talented honorees.Clear Channel Makes Inroads into the Digital Dash Via Nissan.

It was during a casual conversation with a software developer when he had an epiphany.The segment was recorded before Esiason went on the air on WFAN.Smith has served at the company since 2006 when she joined as a promotions assistant.

Digital media consultant Chris Miller says there are three steps stations should follow to effectively work the digital medium: build for it, commit to it, and train for it.Arbitron Issues Social Media Guidelines for Dealing with Respondents.Cohen is a graduate of Hofstra University and serves on its School of Communication Advisory Board.

But officials are saying the death toll could have been worse had it not been for the local radio stations that went into action warning residents about the storm almost 30 minutes before the tornado touched down.Berry replies to My Fox Houston reporter Isiah Carey that he meant no racist intent and said Mrs.Script any news about your topic or other material you will read, rather than reading verbatim paragraph-length excerpts from newspaper clippings or other source material you found on the internet or elsewhere.He wants to do his part to help take an industry that has been down on an upswing.Regular programming will be maintained there until the FCC formalizes the sale.The podcasts of these shows will be represented for advertising sales by Launchpad and available on per New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, former New York Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro is sitting alongside former Governor David Paterson as he hosts the PM drive show on WOR, New York as a sort of tryout to see if a duo concept works for the program.

Survey the top 10 media markets only and radio may fare a bit better on a percentage basis.Aguilera previously was president of SkyMall, where she spent 16 years.The station has been simulcast on the 106.5 FM frequency but that class A FM is much smaller.Granted the Jews had never done anything to Hitler, but then again Trayvon Martin had never done anything to George Zimmerman.The New Jersey Broadcasters Association passed a resolution on Tuesday, March 26 at its board meeting in support of the Sprint FM Chip proposal, reaffirming the absolute need to enable all cell phones within the United States to include (and activate) FM receiver capabilities in smartphones and other consumer electronic.Several students noted that Professor Weisman not only cares about the course content but also about teaching his students to be good citizens out in the world.Kevin McCullough to Host Daily Local Talk Show on WMCA, New York.Greater Media announces that New Jersey radio legend Jack Ellery is retiring from WCTC, New Brunswick after a career that has spanned 50 years.

TRN claims Alioto did not have good cause to withdraw from the matter.Grande has been the voice of the Boston Celtics since 2001, after having served as the TV voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves for three years.Civic leaders and other guests will be featured during the special broadcast to give Southern Californians insight into the unique attributes, history and future development in the area.

Ramsey spoke about how to run a business using the same common sense principles that Ramsey practices in his own company of more than 350 employees.Talk Host Tom Becka Calls on Nebraska Listeners to Protest Penn State.Michael Harrison is THE existential question facing the industry today — and one that.Abramson says she is excited about new opportunities and looking forward to the next adventure.It is expected that the booth team of Jim Donovan and Doug Dieken will remain in place.I have done a lot of sports programming throughout my career.

For a nominal fee, the Association will send an inspector in to run your station through an FCC-type inspection.The Station of the Year Award was given to radio stations with achievements during 2012 that highlight innovative programming, with an emphasis on audience involvement and promotion, and a commitment to their local community.Californian writer Jeff Mitchell reports that calls to local management were not returned prior to his deadline.Our focus on the quality of our core services helped us achieve Media Rating Council accreditation of four additional Portable People Meter markets in February.WFRK-FM added Limbaugh to the schedule three days after WJMX dropped the show declaring to that decreased listenership, advertiser skittishness and increased costs associated with the show forced the decision.

Jo Maeder is a former New York City disc jockey (Z100) and author of When I Married My Mother (Da Capo Press 2009).In his conversation with Harger, Ridgway shares frightening details of his crimes, tells detectives where to look for additional remains and even explains why he did it.Adding 105.9 KMJ-FM over three years ago allowed us to expose our local news and talk shows to the largest available radio audience with crystal clear reception.

The event has drawn praise from numerous attendees including the following quotes.Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Names Bob Morgan VP and Market Manager for Rochester.Lehman says the program is designed for multi-platform content distribution and its new location will be outfitted with three video cameras for streaming video content.Political strategist, attorney and founder Nathan Daschle is recruited by Clear Channel to take the newly created position executive vice president for political strategy.Noted media consultant and TALKERS columnist Walter Sabo outlines five crucial pointers that radio broadcasters should keep in mind when utilizing video in their digital initiatives.Look for stories, photos and additional coverage of the event right here throughout this coming week.Some 15 executives working in the radio business presented courses to the scholarship attendees.